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Aussie business owners are learning to focus their minds in a different direction – and creating awesome results.

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Tears, frustration and lost opportunity are sometimes at the forefront of our experience as Aussie business owners, regardless of the evolutionary stage we may be at. In these moments it is often the exact moment in time we give up on our dreams, throw our hands up in the air and give up. With the giving up comes the emotions of shame, failure, disappointment, lowered confidence and perhaps a permanent state of risk avoidance leading to a mediocre and average life that perpetuates the deepening of those emotions we most want to avoid.

Throughout my time as a business consultant and entrepreneur, now specialising in marketing, what I have come to realise is that success vs failure hardly ever comes down to who worked hardest or your services and/or products. It all comes down to alignment within or at the time, I called it sorting your inner business.

A few years ago, I found myself in a mutual friend's smallish, art deco apartment at the North end of Bondi Beach in Sydney. It was a delicious summer day in Bondi, blue skies, gentle breeze, full tide lapping on the revered sand and the invisible storms residing under my tanned and fit skin were about to spill to the surface.

I had just been told that my regular Consultancy gigs had been canceled after a corporate takeover and my income had gone from Hero to Zero overnight. I was secretly smoldering in fear and anxiety about 'how to pay the bills' when the mutual friend pulled out the Tarot deck. The Tarot was completely new to me and after a nervous shuffle and the Death card falling from the pack, I didn't really need any interpretation. Her only words after the reading that I remember were, "You have obstacles to overcome and you need to learn to work from intuition." I laughed and cried in one breath, asked her what I should do and her reply was, "go, sit on Bondi Beach and do nothing."

Epiphany On Bondi

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Feeling a sense of calm after a swim, I browsed the couple of books I had brought with me and amongst others, The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks grabbed my attention. The philosophy they shared had a profound effect on me then and more so now, over 15 years later.

The Law Of Attraction

What you are focused on, is what you get. Simply put, if you imagine yourself to be 'Radio FM Business Owner….' adding your emotional state at the end. For example, 'Radio FM Business Owner stressed, anxious, terrified, broke etc.' then that frequency, or vibration will be the exact experience of your business life.

Clients will be disappointing, asking for discounts, not showing up, your diary will be stop-starting and your bank balance is wobbly at best. If this isn't particularly exciting anymore and you would prefer oceans of flow, great clients, $ in the bank alongside a sense of calm and peace, and feeling as though you are inspired when you take action read on.

It only requires some new habits, patience, and practice from you.

The Turn Around – 5 Easy Steps

1: Seek Alignment

If you are reading this it is quite likely that you are ready to experience and searching for the secrets on how to work from a place of spirit or intuition or soul with your business and/or life. It's an exciting place to arrive and once you're there, you will never want to go back.

Alignment is a deliberate intention to connect with your Soul and Source and allow them to guide you to your largest hopes and dreams. How do you know when you are in alignment? When you are experiencing synchronicity and there is a general feeling of being in the flow. Better clients, more money, increased opportunities, missing pieces of the puzzle just 'appear' out of the blue.

2: Exercise: Focus on what you want and not what you don't want. Walk around your garden and appreciate everything. The air, the wind, sun, blades of grass, trees, sounds, birds, your body, your friends, etc. continue to do this until your cup feels full.

Do this daily and experience your emotional state becoming more calm, prosperous, healthier, energised and eager to experience life. The more you train your mind into this state, the faster your business will flourish, money will begin to flow and solutions miraculously appear.

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3: Utilise the Power of Silence, give yourself time to shift your emotional state into a more positive, loving, peaceful, inspired, calm state. Avoid discussing with anyone who doesn't need to know your current set of problems, if you continue to discuss your childhood, your financial affairs, a bad relationship you bring the feelings associated to those events into your now and future. If you have been a 'misery loves company' kind of person – time to stop.

When they ask you can say, 'you know what, things are getting better, it's slow but they are pointing in the right direction.' And then ask them how they are.

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3: Meditate for 15 mins a day. Meditation will enable you to quieten your mind and in doing so you will quicken your results. As you connect more deeply with the infinite, perfect part of ourselves, that energy expands. The predominant emotions of this energy are joy, prosperity, calm, peace, connection, passion, etc.

As these emotions become more dominant in your experience, the Law of Attraction will reflect this reality back to you. Pay attention to sudden impulses, urges that are actualy guiding you in the direction of your pathway to prosperity.

If you are feeling stuck, look at Abraham Hicks and listen to a subject that is uplifting, go for a walk, or just put your attention on anything that feels good. Do not send a proposal, respond to an email or communicate with an employee or any other scenario if you are not feeling connected and calm.

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4: Listen to Abraham Hicks Business Alignment on YouTube Daily

The Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful, easiest, yet, completely counter-intuitive philosophies I have experienced. In listening to Abraham Hicks consistently, our business is growing at such a rate, that we are now needing to use contractors in order to fulfill our contracts.

I never thought I would say this but working with a larger team this time around is inspiring, complimentary and providing me with a sense possibility. And if I look at the Law of Attraction and the people we're attracting in the business now, both clients and support staff, it's a joy I've never really experienced before. Sure, we need to remain committed to our core values, get up in the mornings and do the gig but it's calm, inspiring and fun.

5: Like Our FB Page And Gain Aligned Momentum in 2020

As part of our values, we're committed to Aussies having a 'Fair Go' and one of the most powerful ways for us to achieve this for businesses is to provide a no-cost opportunity for you to experience your own business vortex and live the life of your dreams.

Til then…keep practicing with Abraham Hicks and The Law Of Attraction!

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We look forward to journeying with you in 2020, turbocharging your business life and celebrating the other positive changes in your life as a result.

Travel with love, power, and prosperity.