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We are a women-led organisation providing a Digital Home and Mentoring for New Entrepreneurs.

We exist because every new adventurer needs a guide in order to hone their skills, overcome any fears and – with practice – become a Master.

Together, we share the discipline and strategy of our Fortune 500, 25 plus years of Business Consultancy and IT Project Management experience with you in order to fast track your entrepreneurial journey.

The online world is riddled with false truths and wrong paths and our mission is to be your guide, assisting with navigating not only the technology but the growth of your soul. Having worked with 1000s of new entrepreneurs over the years, we know it is imperative to embrace failure as much as success. Too many new entrepreneurs fail to play full out, allow themselves to fall and if they do fall, to have the character and humility to accept defeat and get back on the horse.

If we fail to ride again, the world misses out on our unique contribution and is lesser for it. Others may also be relying on us to place our skills and talents into the world so as they can have an opportunity to place their piece of the puzzle next to ours creating a chain of purpose and belonging that provides financial well being for all.

We have both fallen, dusted ourselves off, are better for it and are now assisting new entrepreneurs to succeed with our proven strategies, technologies and mentorship.

Your Online Marketing Machine is here for you at an affordable rate, in a results-driven, supportive environment that gives you a greater chance to succeed at business to provide financial flexibility and freedom for your family and loved ones.

This journey could be the first time in your working life that you’re no longer able to rely on the security of a regular pay cheque, the luxury of sick or holiday pay, and yet your expenses haven’t changed. You still have to support yourself and perhaps your family financially, and your confidence is a little shaky.

If that isn’t overwhelming enough you now have to learn how to run a business, turn your hand to branding, digital marketing and make sales, all of which you’ve probably never done before.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to become a digital marketer if you don’t already have the skills:

Speed is Key to Your Start Up Success

As already stated, the #1 learning from working with 1000’s of people over the years is that getting your brand messaging, website, and social media platforms up and running quickly is an absolute must. The sooner you have established your branding and marketing foundation, the sooner you can meet the world and focus on selling your products or services.

The Online Marketing Machine – built just for new entrepreneurs like you – provides you with an affordable, first class digital marketing foundation that enables you to get the basics right regarding your branding, website build, social media marketing, and supports you with customised training tools, including mindset that enable you to launch your project quickly.

You will enjoy being part of our global entrepreneurial community where you can get feedback, ask questions, and most importantly, receive continuous support and encouragement.

We look forward to sharing the journey with you.

Much love,

Kylie and Debra

New Entrepreneurs Making a Difference

Connecting People and Business for over 24 Years



Kylie Wallace

Kylie Wallace

Web Mistress

Kylie is obsessed with all things digital and nothing gives her more satisfaction than to solve a problem for a new business owner and see them succeed. You can look forward to meeting her on our webinars, podcasts and social media platforms, enjoy her knowledge, endless patience, and sense of humour. When Kylie isn’t doing ‘digital’ you’ll find her hanging out with her son, re-reading Lord of the Rings or enjoying a glass of wine, having a laugh and singing her way through a favourite playlist with friends.

Debra Wylde

Debra Wylde

Brand Messaging Maiden

Debra has a never ending passion for purpose-driven brand storytelling that emotionally connects people to your brand. She loves nothing more than assisting business owners like you to discover the unique ‘essence’ of your brand, and how to craft a great brand story and message for your business that engages your target audience. Outside of work, you will find Debra taking her brand messaging skills into wild frontiers, updating her wine knowledge, matching it with local produce, hanging out with loved ones, listening to music and sharing a laugh.

Get Ready To Hustle Online!

Break Free of the 9-5. Running your own business as a side gig or full-time can give you security and freedom.

Time Is Of The Essence

Don't waste precious time trying to become a digital marketer.  Allow us to get your business online whilst you focus on refining your brand, building your networks and delivering your products and or services.

We provide budget-friendly, PRO web hosting, domains, website builders, fancy designs - all to get your new business to profit faster.

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You Have Our Full Support

We understand that learning the ins and outs of digital marketing can sometimes be overwhelming.

In order to assist you with this we are available 24/7 via email and chat with one of our friendly and knowledgeable Pro team on the other end to help you.

We'll get you moving forwards again as quickly as possible.

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Master Classes 

Step-by-step online training designed to take your brand (and your business) to the next level.

The training includes online video instruction, regular Facebook community forums, Q&As with experts, and opportunities for you to upgrade into our Platinum Product Suite for tailored, one-to-one coaching.

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Results Driven

As an organisation we are results-driven and will encourage you to go beyond your past or current limits. Facebook Live Videos - no worries!

Our community of new entrepreneurs will assist you with communicating your talents in an authentic manner so as you can attract your own tribe and make money selling your products or services.

Mindset is key and we will share proven performance strategies with you from the Master Entrepreneurs that we've worked with.

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Give every new business owner in Australia the opportunity to create financial flexibility and freedom in order to feed and provide for their families and loved ones.



Is this decision aligned with who we are as people and our values?


Does this decision gives us more freedom as business owners and individuals in our lives?

Do Good

Is this freedom realised by ‘doing good by others’?


Is this decision doing good by enhancing my relationships and connection with others?


Empower future generations with autonomous, economic sustainability via entrepreneurial skills including supporting organisations that are advocating for and regenerating our environment.

We have chosen to work with the Michelle Richmond Foundation due to their message of ‘Love Changes Everything’ and that 100% of the money donated goes directly to the nominated Projects.

We’re currently evaluating local Australian projects for inclusion into our social good activities.

We’re donating 1% of profit to entrepreneurial skills development programs that enable families to feed themselves.


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